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Wednesday 26 June 2019  
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Link ElectroSystems KnockLink
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Detonation or 'knock' is a turbocharged engines worst nightmare and can cause fatal damage to your pistons, bores and bearings resulting in an unexpected and expensive rebuild. Most modern cars are fitted with a knock sensor which is a microphone that can be read by the ECU, on detecting knock the ECU can actively retard the timing or increase the fuel flow in an attempt to stop the detonation, some ECUs are more successful at this than others.

The KnockLink gauge is designed to concentrate it's efforts on the frequency that detonation occurs, by filtering out the signals outside of this range, and display a visual indication of this frequency and it's intensity for the driver to clearly see so he or she can take immediate action and remove the load on the engine by coming off of the throttle.

Detonation can be caused by many factors, some thing as simple as a bad batch of fuel or oil in your inlet tract will both cause detonation and without a visual insight you are completely reliant on your ECUs ability to prevent damage. This inexpensive gauge can be an engines saviour.

Kit comes with KnockLink, Bosch donut type knock sensor and sprung plug which will require connection.
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