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Saturday 25 May 2019  
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Nitrous Formula NF Race Formula octane booster
NF Race Formula octane booster
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Race Formula 1 x 300ml bottle 15.00
Race Formula 16 x 300ml bottle 210.24
Race Formula 30 x 300ml bottle 393.48
Race Formula 5 x 300ml bottle 71.40
Product Information:

Nitrous Formula Race Octane Booster

Nitrous Formula Race Octane Booster is an ultra high performance octane booster designed to improve your engines performance.

Adding NF Race Octane Booster to your engines fuel supply system will increase an engines resistance to detonation (or knock), helping to safeguard a knock limited engine.
Safe for use with both narrowband and wideband o2 sensors, NF Race Octane Booster is also safe to use with exhaust systems containing catalytic convertors.
Mixing Nitrous Formulas octane booster with any hydrocarbon fuel will increase it's RON rating allowing your supercharged, or turbocharged, engine to tolerate higher boost levels than available with forecourt pump fuels alone.
Just 1 bottle (300mls) of NF Race Octane Booster will provide increased performance for 400ltrs of regular fuel although increasing this ratio of NF octane booster to regular fuel will see further gains if tuned for.

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