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Saturday 21 May 2022  
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Simtek ECU for MY93 to MY07 Impreza
ECU for MY93 to MY07 Impreza
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 Average Customer Rating:
 Product Prices:
Anti-lag & Launch control option 150.00
Customer datalogging lead & software 85.00
Delco 3bar MAP sensor 75.00
MY01-07 Newage Impreza 1,095.00
MY92-96 Classic Impreza 895.00
MY97-98 Classic Impreza 895.00
MY99-00 Classic Impreza 895.00
Product Information:

The Simtek ECU is a replacement ECU for all Impreza models upto MY07, being MAP based has no requirement for the factory MAF sensor.
Removing the MAF sensor eliminates the possibility of engine failure due to a faulty MAF sensor and removes the driveability issues experienced when running front mounted intercoolers and large turbo charges with a MAF based ECU.

  • 2 switchable maps

  • 3d boost control with gear compensation

  • 24 x 24 Ignition map with 0.25 degree resolution and individual cylinder trim

  • 24 x 24 Fuel map with individual cylinder trim

  • Charge temperature compensation maps for both fuel and ignition timing

  • Full AVCS control on Newage Impreza's

  • Anti-lag optional

  • Launch control optional

  • CEL can be set as a gear change indicator and/or detonation warning light

  • Can support Water Injection or NOS

Please note,
Prices include ECU fitment and road mapping, rolling road time can be had at additional cost if required.
VAT should be added to all Simtek pricing
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Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists