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Saturday 25 May 2019  
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Motul 300V Power Racing 5W30 engine oil
300V Power Racing 5W30 engine oil
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Power Racing 5W30 1 x 20ltr drum 371.28
Power Racing 5W30 1 x 2ltr can 40.53
Product Information:
New formulation double ester lubricant
100% synthetic - Motorsport / extremely high performance

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Conventional multiple grade mineral and semi-synthetic motor oils, as 100% synthetic super-multigrade lubricants (5W40, 5W50, 10W60...) use additives to boost their viscosity. These viscosity additives tend to loose efficiency when submitted to extreme conditions, which translates into a drop of viscosity and oil pressure.
Since the 300V's of the Motul Motorsport line benefit from the natural viscosity of synthetic ester basestocks, they need very little of such additives, or none (*).
The ASTM D 4741 official test of HT/HS* (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity measures the viscosity of lubricants at very high temperature (150degC / 302degF) and shear (1 000 000 s-1). This test is considered to be a good model of the fluid's state when exposed to extreme shear and temperature as found in an engine.
The higher the benchmark, the best the oil film keeps up its viscosity, hence its resistance to high stress in hydrodynamic rating. Tests prove the best results are achieved with a high viscosity grade (50 or 60) at high temperature, and without viscosity boosters.
- Resistance to high temperature coking
While racing, when the engine is pushed to the extreme, or during pit stops and refuellings, the oil temperature reaches maximal values.
Same happens to usual cars when stuck in traffic jams, hard or fast-driven for long journeys, or stopped at busy toll-gates.
Hence the capital attention to avoid the carbonization of lubricants heated to high temperatures.The lubricant residues carbonized through overheating (i.e. charring) are weighed, the best benchmark being a low weight.
The test measures the coking of engine oils at a sustained high temperature (5 days at 160degC / 320degF) and blasted for 48 hours against an aluminum shim heated at 290degC / 554degF.
Tests prove the choice of basestocks, especially synthetic ester bases, to be a major promoter of resistance to high temperature coking.
The 300V's of the Motul Motorsport line reveal virtually almost no coking during this test.
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