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Saturday 26 September 2020  
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Mocom Racing Harvey Smith 'Trick' Uppipe
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Our price: 149.00
Product Information:

The Legacy of the late Harvey Smith OBE lives on with his acclaimed 'Trick' uppipe available now through Mocom Racing.

Hand fabricated from Stainless Steel, Harvey Smith's 'Trick' uppipe is the preferred choice of tuners throughout the Subaru Tuning scene

for an uppipe to replace the large bore type uppipe supplied with many of the aftermarket exhaust manifold systems (or headers as our friends across the pond prefer to call them) available for your Subaru.
After replacing the large bore uppipe supplied with these aftermarket exhaust manifold systems with Harvey Smith's 'Trick' uppipe you can expect to see, on average, your turbo's boost threshold lowered by some 300rpm and vastly improved response once above this threshold providing a much livelier car to drive.

No longer are 400bhp+ turbo's too big for Subaru's 2.0ltr engine when matched to one of Harvey Smith's 'Trick' Uppipes. For example, the VF35 as fitted to a standard MY03 Subaru Impreza STi Type UK provides reasonable performance but swapping out a few choice parts, namely a Lateral Performance MD321T, Perrin Front Mounted Intercooler, Perrin Equal Length Headers and a Harvey Smith 'Trick' Uppipe saw the following torque improvements......
+12 ftlbs @ 2500rpm
+10 ftlbs @ 3000rpm
+11 ftlbs @ 3500rpm
+47 ftlbs @ 4000rpm
+76 ftlbs @ 4500rpm

So you can see that the large framed turbo optimised with the fitment of a Harvey Smith 'Trick' uppipe provides over 10ftlbs increased torque from 2500rpm to 3500rpm where the larger turbo then really comes on song and just goes to show that with carefully selected components you really can have your cake and eat it!

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Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists