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Saturday 21 May 2022  
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EcuLabs Classic Impreza MY99 MY00 remap
Classic Impreza MY99 MY00 remap
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 Product Prices:
MY99 MAF sensor based map 408.00
MY99 MAF sensor map with multi map option 515.00
MY99 Speed Density map 515.00
MY99 Speed Density map with multi map option 620.00
Option 1 - Launch Control and FTS please add 25.00
Option 2 - Anti Lag (ALS) please add 60.00
Product Information:

MY99/MY00 Subaru Impreza 'classic' EcuLabs remap

The MY99 / MY00 classic Subaru Impreza has, for a long time, been short of options for remapping the standard ECU. Ecutek would not sell us the MY99/00 tool suite unless we committed to purchasing the entire software suite for 99-2012 cars (!) and it's doubtful that there will ever be an opensource option so we had to look at what was available further afield, and now even more so after being tasked with building a MY99 based race car for

Early 2012 we began discussion with French software developers, EcuLabs about their tool suite that allows mapping of the MY99 / MY00 classic Subaru Impreza ECU along with some clever additional functionality that now makes the MY99 / MY00 classic Impreza ECU comparable to the high end standalone ECU options currently available such as Motec, Simtek or Syvecs.

Main features of the EcuLabs MY99 / MY00 Subaru Impreza classic remapping at a glance

  • Live mapping
  • see the results instantly, no need to log, analyze, change, flash, test, log, analyze, change, flash..........
  • Gear based boost control
  • the boost control maps have fully independent target and duty cycles for each gear (upto 6 gears all of which are user definable). This allows you to have a completely different boost profile and/or optimize the boost profile for each gear. Ideal for those running top mounted intercoolers that struggle with the increased thermal load of a high speed, top gear run.
  • Fully active knock control
  • as per OEM
  • Multi Map
  • you have the option for a second calibration which could contain any combination of a completely independent fuel map, completely independent ignition map and a completely independent boost map to suit different fuels, different environments etc. Map switching can be selected with the addition of a switch wired back to the ECU or as standard it is controlled by the rear defog switch.
  • Injector definition
  • with both scaling and latency (battery compensation) curves for accurate injector definition
  • Launch Control (LC) & Full Throttle Shifting (FTS)
  • Also sometimes referred to as Flat Foot Shifting (FFS). The optional Launch Control function is configured within the mapping software but is also user configurable using the rear defog switch to alter launch RPM on the fly to suit varying surface grip levels on the start line. Full Throttle Shifting is a must for drag racing where the throttle plate can be held wide open between gear changes using the ECU's strategies to prevent over revving whilst retaining turbo boost levels between shifts. Please note Full Throttle Shifting requires fitment of a clutch switch wired to the ECU, these are available for 34.99
  • CEL flashing
  • in addition to the factory fault functions the CEL can be programmed to illuminate on any knock (or detonation) event and/or engine overheating

What if you want to remap your own MY99 or MY00 classic Subaru Impreza or have a preferred mapper?

We are happy to supply you with the software to make this happen but please do appreciate that this is entirely at your own risk and we strongly urge you to take the appropriate precautions to fully monitor your engine whilst mapping.
At the very least you will need to measure the fuelling with a wideband lambda meter and listen for signs of detonation with detcans. All good professional mappers will have these tools in their toolkit so it is often cheaper to pay a professional mapper rather than investing in these tools for a one off remap of your own car. Having said all this, if you have the patience and attention to detail then the process can be quite rewarding!

If you send your OEM MY99 or MY00 classic Subaru Impreza ECU to us we can install the firmware to allow mapping with the EcuLabs functionality along with the software. You can then either map it yourself should you have the knowledge to do so, or allow your chosen mapper to carry this out for you. Cost of this service is 245 which includes the firmware upgrade to your ECU, mapping software and fully insured return carriage. Should you wish to add any of the options then they are priced in addition as follows:
  • Multi Map (MM) +48

  • Speed Density (SD) +48

  • Launch Control (LC/FFS) +25

There is a discount should you opt for Multi Map, Speed Density and Launch Control at the time of the firmware upgrade, which brings the total cost to 354 for the fully mappable EcuLabs MY99 or MY00 classic Subaru Impreza ECU to rival most standalones.

Rest assured if your Subaru Impreza comes to us for a remap of your MY99 or MY00 classic Subaru Impreza, Mocom Racing Ltd have full public liability insurance and fully comprehensive road risks insurance.

Email us now to arrange your appointment to remap your MY99 or MY00 classic Subaru Impreza.
Alternatively you can call the workshop on 01787 275074 but please appreciate that we are not a national call centre, we are a small and very busy hands on team so from time to time the phone will go to voicemail, should this happen please do leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest opportunity.

We have a new website dedicated to our ECU mapping services for all 'non Subaru' vehicles - please take a minute to browse and let us know what you think, we welcome all constructive feedback :)
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