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Friday 26 February 2021  
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Motul RBF600 High Performance Brake Fluid
RBF600 High Performance Brake Fluid
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RBF600 1 x 500ml bottle 19.47
RBF600 2 x 500ml bottles 38.00
RBF600 5 x 500ml bottles 89.99
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Buy Motul RBF600 now and pay just 1 for delivery!

Motul RBF600 was our brake fluid of choice for our 2008 Time Attack STi

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Brake fade is a condition all drivers dread and most would have experienced yet the cause is seldom explored. All too often blame is laid at the pads when in reality it is the fluid being worked outside of it's operating envelope and overheating. Locating the root cause of the excessive temperature and working at bringing it down is the key to making your brake system last under extreme environments. Motul RBF600 is the perfect match to these extreme conditions.

Just like your pads and discs, brake fluid is a consumable and must be replaced regularly - preferably at your annual service and more often if used under high temperature conditions like those generated on track.
We regularly talk to customers running upgraded brakes yet still with OEM brake fluid or at best DOT 5.1.

Let's compare a leading DOT5.1 to Motul RBF600 Factoryline, a DOT4 100% synthetic fluid containing no silicone:

DOT 5.1 example:
Dry boiling point of 275C/527F
Wet boiling point of 184C/363F

Motul RBF600 Factoryline:
Dry boiling point of 312C/593F
Wet boiling point of 216C/420F

You will see that the Motul RBF600 is much more resilient to boiling, essential in preventing that dreaded fade.

When replacing your brake fluid with Motul RBF600 remember to bleed the entire system thoroughly using the correct procedure for your vehicle.
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