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Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists
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Wednesday 29 June 2022  
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Mocom Racing Products
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Autronic ECU Interface Cable  
Innovate Motorsports Autronic ECU Interface Cable
Prices from: 33.00
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To enable accurate interfacing with Autronics? ECUs, Innovate Motorsports have developed a custom interface cable. This is essentially a modified analog output cable that includes ...
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Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1)  
Innovate Motorsports Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1)
Prices from: 49.00
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The Bosch LSU4.2 wide-band O2 sensor (shipped as part of the LM-1 kit) is rated to operate at an exhaust gas temperature of < 1300 ...
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Analogue AFR display  
Innovate Motorsports Analogue AFR display
Prices from: 39.00
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52mm needle gauge displaying the Air Fuel Ratio range from 8-18 AFR Gauge driven by LM-1 or LC-1 analog output. **Requires "Analog Output Cable" Not ...
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LMA-3 accessory replacement kit  
Innovate Motorsports LMA-3 accessory replacement kit
Prices from: 12.00
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Replacement accessory kit for the LMA-3 AuxBox.
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USB to Serial Adapter  
Innovate Motorsports USB to Serial Adapter
Prices from: 17.50
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Adapter for PCs without serial ports as found on more and more laptops. This cable will convert Serial to USB, software included. ...
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Product Reviews:
Variant 3
Having gone from OE shocks and springs to Tein coilovers in my Subaru Impreza, these KWs supplied and fitted by MocomRacing were are total breath of fresh air. Great adjustability from soft to hard (as hard .... <more info>
Rating: Rating
N62034 Adjustable control arm set
Was fitted to a stock classic impreza giving toe out and camber in the rear --- am able to apply more acceleration earlier in the corners due to a reduction in understear... (basically steps out .... <more info>
Rating: Rating
60,000 mile service
Very pleased with mocom`s professional approach to there work. Everything was done to a high level of expertise. Thanks mocom the drive home was even more pleasurable knowing my scooby had fresh blood coursing through .... <more info>
Rating: Rating
Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists