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Monday 24 January 2022  
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Mocom Racing Products
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Autronic ECU Interface Cable  
Innovate Motorsports Autronic ECU Interface Cable
Prices from: 33.00
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To enable accurate interfacing with Autronics? ECUs, Innovate Motorsports have developed a custom interface cable. This is essentially a modified analog output cable that includes ...
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Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1)  
Innovate Motorsports Heat-Sink Bung Extender (HBX-1)
Prices from: 49.00
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The Bosch LSU4.2 wide-band O2 sensor (shipped as part of the LM-1 kit) is rated to operate at an exhaust gas temperature of < 1300 ...
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Analogue AFR display  
Innovate Motorsports Analogue AFR display
Prices from: 39.00
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52mm needle gauge displaying the Air Fuel Ratio range from 8-18 AFR Gauge driven by LM-1 or LC-1 analog output. **Requires "Analog Output Cable" Not ...
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LMA-3 accessory replacement kit  
Innovate Motorsports LMA-3 accessory replacement kit
Prices from: 12.00
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Replacement accessory kit for the LMA-3 AuxBox.
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USB to Serial Adapter  
Innovate Motorsports USB to Serial Adapter
Prices from: 17.50
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Adapter for PCs without serial ports as found on more and more laptops. This cable will convert Serial to USB, software included. ...
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CXR Racing Wheel
beautifull .... <more info>
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4 Wheel Alignment / geometry set-up
Very pleased with the service rcvd. Helpful, Informative and quick. Will use again in the future. .... <more info>
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60,000 mile service
Very pleased with mocom`s professional approach to there work. Everything was done to a high level of expertise. Thanks mocom the drive home was even more pleasurable knowing my scooby had fresh blood coursing through .... <more info>
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Mocom Racing - Fast road & trackday specialists